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In response to the members meeting in February, we have codified our practice. The steering committee decided to call this a constitution because this will enable us to open a bank account and… Read More
The start of 2017 seems a good time to reflect on our first year of Momentum Hackney. During 2016, we had ten public meetings on issues including housing, education, the EU, our agenda for Hackney… Read More
Report back from Momentum Regional Meeting & Discussion of One Member One Vote vs. Delegate Structures For Momentum Hackney: Mainly feedback about the discussion about OMOV/Delegates. Spent 2 ½… Read More
Any Labour Party member can submit a motion to their branch. You just need to email it to your branch secretary a week before the meeting. You give your own name as a proposer and the name of someone… Read More
The Labour Party can be confusing. It’s probably easiest to start locally, going to a few meetings and seeing how things work and then asking questions to people who seem to know what they’re doing… Read More
We need to be working up well-informed realistic, but radical policies alternatives for Hackney. This would provide us with a campaigning platform and help us when engaging with the Labour Group to… Read More
Overall the workshop was incredibly interesting and informative. There were more than 15 of us in attendance (members of the People’s Assembly, Labour Party, Socialist Party, Momentum Hackney,… Read More