The Momentum Hackney Steering Committee is a group of Momentum members democratically elected by Momentum Hackney members at the annual AGM. The role of the steering committee is to act as a resource and facilitator for the membership according to the principles outlined above. They do not debate and decide policy issues. As a grassroots organisation, this should be the role of the membership. They will be elected annually at a members meeting during an AGM in September via Single Transferable Vote and with email ballots available on request for those members who cannot attend the meeting.  At least half of those elected will be women. Any member can stand for election to the Steering Committee by submitting a nomination form two weeks prior to the meeting. The Steering Committee meet monthly. There are members meetings every two months. There are regular political education sessions open to all for which the steering committee or whoever they delegate to carry out the task is responsible.

We have a Steering Committee consisting of:
Two organisers (at least one woman)
Two social media managers (at least one woman)
Data manager
Hackney South Labour Engagement Officer
Hackney North Labour Engagement Officer
Two Community Engagement Officers
Three members without portfolio

The current Momentum Hackney Steering Committee:

Alana Harkin          - Co-Organiser
Ali Doggan            - Co-Organiser
Rashida Islam         - Data Manager
Amy Hills-Fletcher     - Social Media Manager
Heather Mendick        - Labour Engagement Officer (Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP)
Liz Davies            - Labour Engagement Officer (Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP)
Tom Cockroft         - Labour Engagement Officer (Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP)
Glyn Rhys Harries     - Community Engagement Officer
Hilary Wainwright    - Community Engagement Officer
Wendy Pettifer        - Community Engagement Officer
Barbara Roberts     - Additional Member
Charlie Clarke         - Additional Member
Stephen Tiller        - Additional Member

Two members Hamid Alizadeh (Additional Member) & Edward Moore (Social Media Manager) who were inducted in to the Steering Committee in the September 2016 AGM have since resigned from their roles due to other commitments.