Public Meeting Notes - November 15/11/2016

Amy Hills-Fletcher
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Report back from Momentum Regional Meeting & Discussion of One Member One Vote vs. Delegate Structures For Momentum Hackney:

Mainly feedback about the discussion about OMOV/Delegates. Spent 2 ½ hours at Regional discussing the move by the National Steering Committee to impose OMOV after calling a Steering Committee meeting with barely any notice (when the decision should have been considered by members). There were around 30 delegates at the conference (representing about 15/20 local groups)

Discussion of Momentum Hackney Structures & Motions Statement – Read here

There will be National Conference in Feb to determine new National structures. 5th November is National Committee and 3rd December is new meeting where the suggestion put forward by Momentum Steering Committee of hybrid OMOV/Delegate system will be debated.

Democratise Labour Manifesto handed out followed by discussion.

A question was asked about what the role of Momentum actually is – Is it just a Think Tank?

Other members of the group talked about the importance of supporting/engaging in grass roots activism – Momentum should encourage this

Question as to whether this section on OMOV/Delegate debate belonged in this meeting.

Some debate over which is better (OMOV vs. delegates) à arguments are summed up on our website.

Voted on delegates – male delegate organised, need to look for female for Regional Committee on Saturday 19th.

Deciding on our focus for local campaigns:

Steve went through the discussions about campaigns on different issues which we had had in groups at our last members meeting.

Steve emphasised the fact that we want to work with Labour and other campaign groups as well as using the skills of our Mo/Hack group

Debt Resistance UK had two representatives at the meeting who then outlined their work looking into local council finances and questioning the narrative around debt. (In Hackney only 2% of Council Tax goes to repaying debt)

We then split into smaller groups of around 6 to come up with direct questions we want answered around campaigns in our local area.

The groups then fed back the discussions they had had. Most of the groups had spoken about racism (particularly in light of Trump’s victory) and housing. Others also spoke about the NHS and poverty (with emphasis on the benefits system).

We agreed that over the next few months our focus would be on housing and anti-racist activity but we would continue to support campaigns around all other issues, particularly the NHS and poverty.

It was suggested that we run a campaign around the Thames Water Tunnel. It was agreed this would be looked into and that the group would be happy to support campaigning around this and other environmental issues.


Update on Labour’s NHS campaign and how to get involved, also Keep Our NHS public announced what’s going on locally

Stand up to Racism Hackney meeting on the 23rd Nov (organise Momentum stall)

NUS Education Demo 19th November

DPAC Demo and Actions