New Momentum Hackney Steering Committee Elected

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Momentum Hackney Steering Committee Image

On Tuesday 20th September 2016, Momentum Hackney had it's first democratic elections in a Members Only meeting. The objective of the elections was to put together a democratically elected Momentum Hackney Steering Committee(MHSC) for the upcoming year to organise and help in the day to day running of the local Momentum group in Hackney.

Initially after a consultation period a MHSC of 12 positions was drawn up with 2 Co-Organisers, 2 Labour Engagement Officers (one for for each Labour Constituency Party in the Borough), 2 Social Media Managers, 1 Data Manager, 2 Community Engagement Officers and 3 Additional Members without portfolio. Emphasis was put on gender balance within the MHSC.

After a nomination period where members were asked to put their name forward for the positions they sought. It was revealed that 6 positions in the MHSC had only enough people coming forward to fulfil those roles, so they would be unopposed for those positions. The six other positions in the MHSC had more people nominate themselves than the number of positions available so these positions would be contested in elections on the actualy day.

However on the day of the election a member suggested that since Momentum Hackney was still very much in its infancy it would be irrational to turn away people who were committed enough to the cause to want to stand for the MHSC and that the MHSC should be adjusted to accommodate all those that had shown a willingness to be engage. This was put to the meeting and was agreed upon by Consensus. As a result 3 additional positions were made on the MHSC. The Hackney North Labour Engagement Officer was turned in to a job share between 2 members and 1 extra Community Engagement Officer and 1 extra was Additional Member position was created. A member who stood who for an Additional Member position withdrew their candidacy.

After each member who was standing for positions allowed to speak about their vision for the role. The election was ratified.

Here is the new Momentum Hackney Steering Committee.

Alana Harkin          - Co-Organiser
Ali Doggan            - Co-Organiser
Rashida Islam         - Data Manager
Amy Hills-Fletcher     - Social Media Manager
Edward Moore        - Social Media Manager
Heather Mendick        - Labour Engagement Officer (Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP)
Liz Davies            - Labour Engagement Officer (Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP)
Tom Cockroft         - Labour Engagement Officer (Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP)
Glyn Rhys Harries     - Community Engagement Officer
Hilary Wainwright    - Community Engagement Officer
Wendy Pettifer        - Community Engagement Officer
Barbara Roberts     - Additional Member
Charlie Clarke         - Additional Member
Hamid Alizadeh        - Additional Member
Stephen Tiller        - Additional Member