Local Elections 2018 The Guide

Countdown Till Polling Day


The Basics

The local Mayoral and Council Elections take place on Thursday 3rd May 2018.
In Hackney we will be voting on who should be our Mayor, and our local councillor representatives.

It’s imperative that Momentum members and supporters help campaign for Labour candidates in Hackney and further afield so that we can turn London Labour red.
Don’t worry if you’re new to campaigning/canvassing, now is a great time to start – you’ll be guided by experienced canvassers until you’re ready to try it on your own.


Local Wards

It is important that we support our own local council candidates. You can find out your ward below then check the Hackney Labour website for relevant sessions. These local sessions are great for meeting your own councillor candidates and also for getting more involved in your local Branch.


Project North

Project North is the internal name for the Hackney Labour Party targeting the 3 marginal wards in the north of the borough that don’t have any or full Labour councillor representation, the local party is keen to take the council seats of the Lib Dems and the Tories to give more meaningful representation to the residents of these wards.

If you want to take the fight to the Tories and Lib Dems locally, you can check the CazenoveSpringfield & Stamford Hill West twitter accounts for their sessions and help the Labour candidates get in.

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Hackney On Tour

Hackney On Tour is our local outreach program to help neighbouring marginal boroughs Labour parties take control of their local councils.

You can find information on upcoming Hackney On Tour sessions on the Hackney Labour Twitter account and Hackney South Labour Twitter account.

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Momentum’s #UnSeat is the Owen Jones led program to direct members from more safer Labour seats to marginal seats where Labour have a chance of taking control of marginal local councils, you can find more dates here.

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