Come Together

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Resilient and Resisting invite you to our Finale event, a day long take over at Arcola theatre.

Join us for an extravaganza of resistance.

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Featuring contributions from radical history archives, the voices of direct action groups, and of course our own stories of fighting stigma and creating social change, these are fierce, intimate oral histories, collaborative stories, D.I.Y research and interviews from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation. For those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors, much political action (of
all kinds) comes from the power of survival.

Starting at 12pm with The Travelling Archive,
2pm Direct Action Groups panel discussion,
4pm food,
6pm Grand Performance.

Travelling archive: Bishopsgate Institute and MayDay Rooms bring the archive to you. Peruse and discuss artefacts and articles of radical history, Workshop on DIY documentation.

Panel discussion: Direct action, fighting stigma and making social change, featuring speakers from: The Renters Union, Xtalk, English Collective of Prostitutes, Trans Liberation Assembly, Disabled People Against Cuts, Mental Health Resistance Network.

FOOD – because we have to keep our strength up!

Evening performance/reading – stories of Resilience and resistance! With swoosh, glitter and song.

Sexy intimate stories of becoming, persistence and survival. Critiquing work, asking questions about HOW and why. Elder histories, lion taming, transnational travels, migration stories. All Cats Are Beautiful. How we get by! Who gets to be respectable? Pride and prejudice. Tickets to the straight world, transactions along the way. Stretching the rubber band of gender, being who we ARE. Coming together.

This is a Free Event, although ticketing may apply to evening performance due to limited capacity seating.

Performance will be captioned.

FREE ZINE, so you can read along.

Exhibition of the posters created from the stories on show: Arcola Foyer.

Resilient & Resisting is a collaboration between groups and individuals, with artist/activist Jet Moon, produced with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arcola Participation. Fierce, intimate oral histories, collaborative stories, D.I.Y. research and
interviews from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation.

Find us online at resilientandresisting.org

Arcola Participation is Arcola’s community, talent development, youth and programme. We are committed to challenging assumptions around who theatre belongs to and who has a right to speak, while providing opportunities to learn, train and perform under the guidance of world-class artists. We aim to deliver high quality productions that resonate both locally and globally, whilst maintaining Arcola’s welcoming and inclusive ethos.

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