Hackney Campaigning For Stoke Central By-election

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Jeremy Corbyn In Stoke Central With Labour Candidate Gareth Snell

There will be a parliamentary by-election in the Stoke Central constituency of Stoke-On-Trent after the resignation of previous MP, Tristram Hunt.

Stoke Central has been a Labour seat since its creation, however in the last General Election the majority over nearest rival UKIP had whittled down to just over 5,000. Stoke-On-Trent also voted 69% to Leave the EU in the European Union Referendum 2016, one of the highest in the country. All of this coupled with the fact that UKIP have targeted the seat strongly, with new leader Paul Nuttall himself as their candidate for the election, suggests there is a stance to be made and a Labour victory to fight for.

As part of our commitment to the Labour Party, Momentum Hackney will be arranging for Hackney Labour members to go up to Stoke Central on the weekend of 18th-19th February to campaign for a Labour victory and to take a stance against UKIP and help Labour candidate Gareth Snell get elected.

Some of our activists will be going up for the 18th February and staying overnight others will be going for the 18th or 19th on a day trip. Whatever time you could dedicate to this worthy cause will be appreciated.

Our co-organiser Ali Dogan, will be taking charge of organising this event and helping people with their personal circumstances. If you are interested please book using the form below and he will get in contact with you. 

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us here

PLEASE NOTE: Due to election expenses implications we are not able to provide travel or accommodation allowances to people, however car pooling and sharing accommodation with other people going options might be available so feel free to book and we'll do the best we can to help.


Event Start Date
Event Finish Date
Event Location
Labour Stoke Central Campaign Office
Hillcrest House,
Garth Street