What is the Labour Party Democracy Review

The Labour Party has launched the Democracy Review, which will address a broad range of areas of party reform. This review represents an unprecedented opportunity for party members and trade union affiliates to fundamentally remake the party so that it is equipped to provide deep and meaningful representation to millions of people, and to implement a socialist programme to transform the country.

What will the Labour Party Democracy Review address

The Labour Party Democracy Review will address the following issues:

  • The method of electing the Party Leader, including the role of registered supporters and the issue of nominating thresholds.
  • The composition of the NEC and the procedures for elections to it in its various elements.
  • Developing democratic policy-making procedures, including strengthening the role of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and of Party Conference and the development of local and regional plans
  • The role, accountability and transparency of regional structures.
  • The democratic functioning of associated bodies like BAME Labour, Young Labour etc
  • Strengthening the involvement and participation of our hundreds of thousands of new members in constituency parties and other aspects of the Party’s work.
  • Recruitment of members to further develop a mass party
  • The composition of CLP Executives
  • Strengthening the links between the Party and its trade union affiliates locally and nationally, and engaging more of their members in the Party’s life.
  • Developing the accountability of Labour local authority representatives.
  • Gender representation throughout the Party, and the role of Labour women’s conference.
  • Harnessing the potential of social media across all aspects of Labour’s democracy and political work.

All members of the Labour Party are entitled to make submissions to the Labour Party Democracy Review by submitting proposals online, either as individuals, party units (CLPs), or as affiliated organisations, In addition, the Labour Party will also be holding at least one consultation event in each region or nation, where members can meet to raise and debate key issues.

Party members will be able to make submissions covering any of the themes outlined, and also have the option of submitting rule changes which were passed this year and are currently on the agenda for next year’s Conference, as well as rule changes that were remitted at this year’s Party Conference provided they are covered by one of the themes of the review. However, while all Labour Party members can submit proposals directly, it is important to debate, decide, and coordinate proposals collectively in order to ensure democratic participation and the maximum contribution to the review possible.

What is the timeline for the Labour Party Democracy Review

The Labour Party Democracy Review which will work by following a timeline where submissions for particular elements of the review are submitted before set deadlines. The Party will then collate all the submissions, which may be released and voted on at the 2018 Labour Party National Conference.

  • 1st Nov 2017

    Labour Party Democracy Review Launched

    The Labour Party Democracy Review is launched and open for submissions.

  • 12th Jan 2018

    Wave 1 Submissions Deadline

    Deadline for submissions on…

    • BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) Labour
    • Young Labour
    • Labour Women’s Conference
  • 23rd Mar 2018

    Wave 2 Submissions Deadline

    Deadline for submissions on…

    • Constituency Labour Party governance,
    • Strengthening the involvement and participation of members
    • Building a mass movement
    • Social Media
    • The role of Socialist Societies
    • Diversity and gender representation
  • 29th Jun 2018

    Wave 3 Submissions Deadline

    Deadline for submissions on…

    • Rules for Leadership Elections
    • Local government
    • Regional structures
    • NEC composition,
    • Freeze dates
    • Policymaking structures
    • Local and national links with trade unions
  • September 2018

    Labour Party Democracy Review Release

    Potential release of the Labour Party Democracy Review following Labour National Executive Committee meeting

  • Late Sep 2018

    Conference Votes For Democracy Review

    2018 Labour Party Conference will vote on the Labour Party Democracy Review

What will Momentum National be doing during the Labour Party Democracy Review

In order to fully empower Labour members to ensure that the Democracy review is as participatory and transformative as possible, Momentum will have a national strategy which will include launching a digital democracy platform to receive submissions from Momentum individuals and groups for the review. Submissions from members, local groups, Momentum’s Members’ Council and Momentum National Coordinating Group will be composited and finalised and will be put to a One Member One Vote ballot of members before being adopted by Momentum officially. Once the submissions are agreed on, Momentum will circulate them throughout our network of supporters and organisers to pass through their CLPs and into the Labour Party Democracy Review. Full details of Momentum’s procedures for deciding what to submit will be released in the following weeks.

What will Momentum Hackney be doing during the Labour Party Democracy Review

To inform, empower and engage Labour members during the Labour Party Democracy Review, Momentum Hackney will be arranging a series of local meetings open to all members of the Labour Party and stakeholders from Labour Party affiliated unions and societies to supplement any work the Labour Party is doing so as Labour Party members and affiliates have the space to debate, formulate and contribute to a review that will help define a Labour Party as fit for purpose in the 21st Century.