Momentum National Logo

What is Momentum?

Momentum is the mass movement of successful support garnered during Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership election campaign, re-branded to help create a socially just society in a wider context.

Momentum has two key roles. One is as an internally focused Labour Party element and the other is as an externally focused social movement.

In the Labour Party, Momentum's aims are to make Labour a truly democratic party, a completely inclusive movement where policy is dictated from the masses up rather than the top down, it will be the embodiment of a movement with the policies that work for the greater society and the collective will to implement these policies in government

Externally, Momentum will be a grassroots network with the aim of organising in every town, and city to create a mass movement for real progressive change in society. An inclusive and broad coalition bringing together individuals and groups within our communities and workplaces to campaign and organise on the issues that matter to them, collectively. Outward facing and seeking to involve the widest demographic of people in local, workplace and national campaigns. Focusing on people beyond the party willing to collaborate and co-operate on an agenda that focuses on social justice for all.



What is Momentum Hackney?

Momentum Hackney is the local faction of Momentum focusing on building a strong community of enthusiasts, supporters and activists in the London Borough Of Hackney. Together we shall engage for a more just and more fair society.

Focusing on local issues of contention and keeping an eye on more wider events, we aim to mobilise and unite with similar minded people and groups in order to bring about a local society for the benefit of the many.